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General Questions

I can no longer attend DEAMcon21. Can I cancel my registration?

Each year, the Association incurs costs associated with late registrations and no-shows. As a result, a registration policy is in effect to provide the best conference experience for all attendees.

What time does the conference begin?

The conference begins on April 26th at 1:00 PM ET. Times in the virtual platform and app automatically adjust based upon the users’ time zone.

How do I access the DEAMcon21 virtual event?

Whether you are at home or in the office, all DEAMcon21 learning and networking opportunities are conveniently available online. We recommend accessing DEAMcon21 via the web browser for the best conference experience, but it is also accessible via the DE Events app so you can stay connected while you are on the go. View the DEAMcon21 Quick Start Guide ›

I am unable to enter the DEAMcon21 virtual event because of restricted access. What should I do next?

You must register for DEAMcon21 before joining the event. Permission to access the event could take up to 72 hours, but rest assured we’ll get you included as quickly as possible. If after 72 hours you still do not have access, please email to request admittance. Please remember to use the same email address you provided upon registration to log in to the event.

What are the system requirements for participation during DEAMcon21?

Video streaming needs powerful processing and a stable internet connection to run smoothly with minimal interruptions. The event has browser compatibility with Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Edge, or Safari (always using the most recent version). We recommend an average internet speed of 1.5 Mbps, but 3 Mbps is optimal for a higher-quality audio/video connection.

Virtual Platform System Requirements:
Windows 10+ | Processor 64 bit or 86 bit
macOS 10.12.6+ | Processor 64 bit

Mobile App System Requirements:
Android 5.0 or later
iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 12 or later

Why did I get kicked out of the event?

For security reasons, you can’t be logged in on two separate browsers or two different machines at the same time. Please make sure to close the event link on other browsers and/or computers.

Can I access session recordings after the event?

Most sessions will be recorded and available on-demand to conference attendees within the virtual platform and mobile app until December 17th, 2021. A few sessions will only be available to stream live, and on-demand recordings will not be available. For that reason, we recommend tuning in live for any sessions that you are especially interested in viewing. Following the event, presentation slides will be available in the DE Connect community for all Members to view.

Are closed captions available for sessions?

Automated captions will be available for the live-streamed sessions that are unable to be recorded. For improved accuracy, closed captioning will be made available for all on-demand video recordings following the event. Please note, it may take up to one week for sessions to be captioned.

For real-time captions for the duration of the conference, we recommend using Chrome’s Live Caption feature. To turn it on from your desktop, go to Chrome Settings, click on the Advanced section, then go to the Accessibility section.

What are the Demo Hall hours during the conference?

You may visit the Underwriters at any time — before, during, or after the event — to learn more about the organizations that support DEAMcon21. Underwriters are available to chat each day from 12:45 PM – 5:00 PM. Additionally, we have designated specific time on the schedule for Virtual Demo Hall sessions:

  • Monday, April 26 from 3:30-4:00 PM
  • Tuesday, April 27 from 2:30-3:00 PM
  • Wednesday, April 28 from 2:30-3:00 PM
  • Thursday, April 29 from 3:00-3:30 PM
  • Friday, April 30 from 2:00-2:30 PM

Is there a Swag Store ? / What is the Passport to Prizes?

It wouldn’t be DEAMcon without a Swag Store! This year we’re giving you the chance to win prizes and earn fun gear for completing simple tasks throughout the week. To get started, download your Passport to Prizes and follow the instructions to rack up points, and we’ll ship your free stuff to you after the conference! Learn more or upload your underwriter codes on the Passport to Prizes page ›

What is MeetNow and can I use it to connect with other attendees?

MeetNow is a face-to-face interaction tool that connects attendees and underwriters via 1:1 streaming video calls. To use, navigate to an Underwriter profile where you can view who is available for a video call or private messaging. Underwriters can share full screen or specific application windows with attendees.

The MeetNow feature is available for attendees using both the virtual platform and mobile app. Underwriters will need to connect through the virtual platform. It’s easy to set up — just set yourself to “active” and go! For detailed instructions, view the DEAMcon21 Underwriter Guide ›

Presenter Questions

How do I access the presenter tools?

Each session using the native streaming function has a practice room that presenters can access before the scheduled speaking time. We recommended entering the practice room and configuring your settings at least 24 hours before the session. It’s easy to enter — just join the event, find your session under the program menu, and click the button to enter the practice room. Alternatively, 10 minutes before your session begins, you’ll receive a pop-up notification with an option to enter your speaker practice room.

Within the practice room, you’ll be able to:

  • turn on your microphone, webcam, and screen sharing
  • connect with other speakers to discuss the session and coordinate
  • keep an eye on the broadcast start time in the upper left-hand corner

You will be automatically pushed live to attendees at the designated start time for your session, and the recording will also begin at that time. For detailed instructions, view the DEAMcon21 Presenter Guide ›

How do I enable the security settings on my computer to share my audio, video, and screen?

Before you can share your microphone, webcam, and screen, you’ll need to grant permission. You only have to do this once so later you can seamlessly turn your audio/video on and off during the session. Once approved, the corresponding toggle should switch on and turn green, indicating successful sharing. If you have trouble granting permissions, please view this troubleshooting guide from the virtual platform provider.

What presentation settings should I use so that I can still see the session tools within the virtual platform?

When presenting, you’ll have access to the session tools that enable you to engage with attendees in real-time, including Session Chat, People, and Polls. To see the session tools while also sharing your screen, you will need to run your PowerPoint in a window instead of full-screen Presenter mode. Make sure to give your presentation a visually-friendly name because it will show up at the top of your presentation slides, visible to the audience. When sharing your screen, select the PowerPoint window you would like to share. Alternatively, you can run your presentation in Presenter mode, but you will not see the session tools (including the chat panel where attendees will be typing questions) until you stop sharing your screen.

As a presenter, do I need any special equipment?

When you begin sharing, you’ll be prompted to select the audio input/output source and the video input source. If you’re using something other than your device’s built-in mic or camera, make sure the proper devices are selected before your session starts. We recommend using a dedicated USB microphone and a dedicated HD or Full HD webcam. If you prefer a headset, AirPods have proven to work best in terms of quality and reliability.

Can I use video in my presentation?

We encourage you to share links in the Session Chat to videos you would like to share with attendees instead of playing videos live during your session. Due to the high-bandwidth nature of videos, transmission to attendees could be choppy. If you choose to play a video, system audio is not supported, so your mic will need to pick up any audio coming from a video shown through screen share. For example, if you are wearing headphones, the audio will be funneled through your headphones, not through the audio on your computer where the audience can hear it. We recommend testing any videos during your practice session to ensure they are played properly.

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