DEAMcon21 Presenter Guide

Welcome DEAMcon21 Presenters!

As we all navigate virtual events in 2021, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible speaking at DEAMcon21! We are willing to set up a guided walkthrough, if you are interested, to ensure a smooth transition to your session the day of your presentation. Request a one-on-one 30-minute practice session with the DEAM Team by contacting to set up a day and time prior to the conference. We highly encourage each presenter to utilize the Practice Session feature within your scheduled session using the guide and tips below.

Recommended Browser: Chrome

Joining the Event

To attend from your computer, log in here using the credentials you provided when you claimed your conference profile. If this is your first visit, enter the email address that you used to register for the event and claim your account by creating a new password and accepting the Attendify Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

For more information about navigating the platform, check out the Quick Start Guide ›

DEAMcon21 Login - Returning User
DEAMcon21 Login - New User

Presenter Setup

  1. Ten (10-15) minutes prior to your session, log in to the DEAMcon21 platform and proceed to your session, found in the left hand menu in the tab labeled Schedule (icon is a clock).
  2. Once you click into your session, you’ll see tools at the top of the video section in a yellow menu denoting, “You are a Speaker” along with Tutorial information and the ability to “Enter Practice Room”.
DEAMcon21 Presenter Test Session
  1. Once in the Practice Room, Attendify will automatically enter into full screen mode which can easily be minimized by hitting “ESC” or clicking the expand icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the Attendify window.
DEAMcon21 Exit Full Screen
  1. Begin by turning on your microphone and camera (first and second toggles), by clicking the icons until they appear green.
DEAMcon21 Presenter Toggle
  1. Next, open your PowerPoint presentation that will be used during your session. Please note this must be done prior to sharing your screen for this to be displayed in Attendify.
DEAMcon21 Presentation Slides

DEAMcon21 Presentation SlideshowAdjust PowerPoint Settings for Optimal Viewing on a Single Monitor

  1. Navigate to the “Slide Show” tab in PowerPoint
  2. Select “Set Up Slide Show”
  3. Under “Show Type” select “Browse by an individual (window)”
  4. Click “Ok”
  5. To begin your presentation either select “Play from Start” in the Slide Show Tab or select the Slide Show icon (icon is a projector screen or monitor) closest to the minus sign at the bottom of the PowerPoint.

DEAMcon21 Play Presentation

  1. Once you have your presentation settings adjusted and are in Slide Show mode and ready to present, you can then share your screen, by completing the following steps (Please note: This must be done prior to the start time of your session in order for attendees to view your presentation slides.)
  2. Start by clicking on the third toggle (icon is a monitor) until it turns green.
DEAMcon21 Toggle Screenshare On

Please note you’ll need to allow access to “Screenshare” so you can share your screen. If you encounter the pop-up permissions box (as pictured), follow the “How to Grant Screensharing Permission” instructions below:

DEAMcon21 Grant Permission for Screenshare

How to Grant Screensharing Permission

  1. DEAMcon21 Allow AttendifyIf using the recommended browser Chrome, navigate to the lock icon located to the left of the URL and click it.
  2. Then make sure both the camera and microphone are set to “Allow” and the sound is set to “Automatic Default” (as pictured below)
  3. After setting these permissions, you should have the ability to share your screen.
  4. If setting these permissions within the browser does not allow you to screenshare, navigate to the settings within your computer and allow for screen recording under Security & Privacy.
  1. DEAMcon21 Allow ChromeFrom there, allow “Google Chrome” access to Screen Recording and try to share your screen again. (Please note that you will likely need to restart Google Chrome to enable these new settings.)
  1. Once Attendify can access your presentation, click the monitor icon until it turns green and a box will appear, allowing you to choose how you’d like to Share Your Screen.
DEAMcon21 Choose Window
  1. With your PowerPoint already in Presenter Mode with the settings previously set, choose “Application Window” and select your presentation listed within the window and click “Share”.

With the settings in place as instructed above, this is how your presentation will appear to attendees, with the PowerPoint featured in the main box, and the presenters featured below. (Please Note: you will NOT see attendees on screen, but can see the number of viewers listed in the bottom left corner of your screen, as well as in the attendee tab in the right-side menu (icon is two people.)

DEAMcon21 Setup Complete
  1. Finally, the countdown clock, located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen will show you how much time is left in your “Practice Session” before going live.
  2. Please note all sessions will begin automatically at their scheduled time. When switching from Practice Mode to Live, the countdown clock at the top left will shift from white to red, along with the icon denoting your session is now live. You’ll first see the “Connecting” notification for 15-18 seconds. Once you see the change from “Connecting” to “Live”, you are welcome to begin your presentation! Break a leg!
DEAMcon21 Countdown Clock
DEAMcon21 Countdown Clock Connecting
DEAMcon21 Countdown Clock Live

Session Engagement

In the right-hand menu of your session, you’ll see an engagement box featuring chat (first tab), attendees (second tab), and polls (third tab).


During your session, attendees can type questions and interact with one another on session content all throughout your presentation.

  1. Please allow 10 minutes at the end of your presentation for Q&A.
  2. We recommend that you complete your presentation prior to answering the questions in the chat box due to time limitations.
DEAMcon21 Chat tab


This tab will show all of the attendees who are currently viewing your session. For quick reference, you can send a direct message within Attendify (blue button) or an email by double-clicking on the person’s profile or question/comment within the chat.

DEAMcon21 Attendee tab


Only the event admins can create and launch polls. If interested in using the feature, Presenters can request polls one week prior to the session by emailing with the question and possible answers (up to 6). There is no limit to the number of polls per session. Please note that the polls will launch at once and be available at the start of your session. You can verbally direct session attendees to participate by asking them to click on the polling tab at the appropriate time during your presentation. You can choose if you would like poll results to be visible to all session attendees at the completion of the poll.

DEAMcon21 Poll tab

Moderator Roll

If you are introducing a session presenter, we ask that you enter the Practice Room (as described above) and toggle on your microphone and camera. Once the session begins, you will give a brief introduction of the presenter and then exit the session so the presenter can occupy the entire screen.
DEAMcon21 Leave Session
Once you exit, navigate to the session and click the “Join Session” button or be automatically connected to the live session as an attendee.
DEAMcon21 Join Session
Please note, if you see the “Enter Speaker Mode” button, please do not enter. Instead, refresh your screen or navigate away from the session and back again. It may be necessary to clear your cache or restart your browser.
DEAMcon21 Enter Speaker Mode

Tips & Additional Information

  • 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your session, a DEAM Team Member will join your Practice Session to assist with set up and answer any last minute questions
    • Please note the DEAM Team Member will exit the session prior to its start and presenters will be responsible for monitoring their chat during the Q&A portion of the session
  • For optimal use of the Attendify platform, we recommended using the Google Chrome browser
  • All sessions will be recorded unless a contract specifies otherwise, and made available to attendees shortly following the live-streamed session
  • Please name your PowerPoint “DEAMcon21_DATE_SessionTitle”
  • Presenters have the ability to include supplemental materials that coincide with their presentation
    • Documents can only be included in the following formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX
    • This is highly encouraged if you have resources, guides, etc you referenced in your presentation
  • Following the conference, DirectEmployers will post your presentation slides in Member-Exclusive community on DE Connect
  • The DEAM Team will be dropping relevant information, announcements, and images into the chat throughout your session
  • For attire, lighting, background, and framing, we recommend the following:
    • Attire: Please avoid wearing prints or patterned attire as they can be distracting for the viewer
    • Lighting: Please sit in a well lit room and avoid harsh backlighting (i.e. a window behind you); Natural lighting will allow for better color, and remove the harsh yellow tones
    • Background: Attendify does not currently offer virtual backgrounds or blurring, so choose a comfortable, quiet space with as little visual distraction as possible
    • Presenter Framing: Try to make sure your eyes fall with the top third of the screen
  • Due to unpredictable bandwidth constraints, we recommend no videos be played during the session
    • If you choose to play a video, DirectEmployers recommends utilizing video where it is not essential for audio to match the visual imagery (ie. someone speaking)
    • There seems to be several external factors that affect whether videos play properly that may be out of the presenter’s control (i.e. presenter’s WiFi, attendee’s WiFi, bandwidth of the virtual platform, sound setup, etc)
  • Each session has a built-in countdown clock featured in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to help you track time presenting
    • Timing Guide for Reference:
    • Total Session Time (depending predetermined time allotment) 55 minutes 30 minutes
      Presentation 45 minutes 20 minutes
      Q&A 10 minutes 5-10 minutes
    • Please note: Sessions will go live immediately at the start time and end at the scheduled end time (i.e. if your session is scheduled to begin at 1:30 pm; you will be pushed live automatically at 1:00 pm and commence at 2:25 pm).
    • Please have your presentation opened and in presenter mode (see instructions above in Presenter Setup), with your screen sharing turned on. There will be a slight 10-15 second delay between the start of the session and the recording. Please wait until you see the session switch from “Connecting” to “Live” before beginning to speak.

Questions?​ Contact the DEAM Team at

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