DEAMcon21 Underwriter Guide

Welcome DEAMcon21 Underwriters!

As we all navigate virtual events in 2021, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible exhibiting at DEAMcon21! We are willing to set up a guided walkthrough if you are interested to ensure you make the most of your virtual booth. Request a one-on-one 30-minute practice session with the DEAM Team by contacting to set up a day and time prior to the conference. We highly encourage each underwriter to visit their profile page and check out the features available to you.

Recommended Browser: Chrome


Exhibit Days & Hours

Monday 12:45 PM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday 12:45 PM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday 12:45 PM – 5:00 PM
Thursday 12:45 PM – 5:00 PM
Friday 12:45 PM – 5:00 PM

Underwriter Profile/Booth Setup & Worksheet

Underwriters are responsible for providing the information necessary to set up their virtual profile and booth. In order to streamline the process, we’ve created a worksheet to collect all of the needed information in one place. Have questions? Send an email to

DEAMcon21 Underwriter Worksheet

Joining the Event

To attend sessions from your computer, log in here using the credentials you provided when you claimed your conference profile. If this is your first visit, enter the email address that you used to register for the event and claim your account by creating a new password and accepting the Attendify Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

For more information about navigating the platform, check out the Quick Start Guide ›

DEAMcon21 Login - Returning User
DEAMcon21 Login - New User

Overview of Demo Hall

Navigate to the Demo Hall tab (ribbon icon) on the left-hand navigation menu. There you will see a list of underwriter booths on the left. Click on one to enter their virtual booth and view the information and resources provided on the page.

While in a booth, you will see a list of booth representatives in the MeetNow section with two icons next to their name. Communicate directly with a selected booth representatives by clicking the chat bubble to initiate text-based conversation or the camera icon to open 1:1 video chat.

DEAMcon21 Underwriter Booth

Attendees can hover over each representative to see their current status:

  • Gray = Unavailable
  • Red = Busy (likely chatting with someone else at that time)
  • Green = Available — reach out to chat with them!
DEAMcon21 MeetNow

Attendee Engagement


We ask that booth staff are accessible to attendees throughout the conference. This is key for maximizing attendee engagement.

  • One person must be available for “MeetNow” (green icon activated) at all times during Demo Hall Hours, which are 12:45pm to 5:00pm EST daily.
  • We do understand that you may want to rotate and watch some sessions, that’s great and we encourage it — just ensure that someone is available.
  • During the designated Demo Hall Hour (times vary each day), please have at least two staff members active.
DEAMcon21 Underwriter Meet Now Toggle

Feature Guide

Chat Icon


Clicking the chat bubble icon will open a window that allows the attendee to have a direct text-based conversation with the booth representative.

Video Icon


Clicking the camera icon will open a window that allows the attendee to have a video chat with the booth representative using the MeetNow feature.

Direct Message & “Cold Calling”

Did you lose connection or run out of time in a chat or call? Trying to reach someone in particular? Feel free to reach out to the person directly. Go to “Community” and search for the name or company of the person you are trying to reach. Click on the name and you’ll see their information. You can click on the blue button to send a private message via the platform OR you can send them an email if visible on their profile.

DEAMcon21 Attendee Profile

Contests and Prizes

  • Underwriters may use prizes and contests in their booth to attract attendees as long as they do not conflict with conference programming or activities.
  • Most of our prizes range from $10 to $100, just to give you an idea of DirectEmployers plans to do (See Passport to Prizes and additional info below).
  • Please conclude all contests by April 30th at 5pm EST.
DEAMcon21 Passport to Prizes

Promotion of the Demo Hall

We understand that you have put your hard-earned money to sponsoring our virtual event. Here is what we are doing to encourage attendees to visit the Demo Hall.

  • Passport to Prizes: Our Members will be encouraged to visit all of the booths in the Demo Hall. Attendees must obtain a certain number of points to exchange for a Swag Store Gift Box.
    • Each underwriter will have their own unique code for attendees to include on the Passport to Prizes.
    • Point values are as follows:
      • Platinum – 50 points
      • Gold – 30 points
      • Silver – 20 points
      • Bronze – 10 points
    • Tier 1 Gift is 150 points and Tier 2 Gift is 180 points.
    • There is also a Grand Prize to encourage participants to chat with each Underwriter. They will enter their final card for a chance to win a set of Apple AirPod Pros (or gift card of comparable value)
  • Swag Store / Gift Box: It wouldn’t be DEAMcon without a Swag Store! This year we’re giving attendees the chance to once again win prizes and earn fun gear for completing simple tasks throughout the week. To get started, attendees will download the Passport to Prizes and follow the instructions to rack up points and then we’ll ship their free stuff after the conference! If you are a Platinum or Gold Underwriter, you have a branded item in this gift box.
  • Announcements / Social Media Posts: Throughout the week, the DEAM Team will post in the Activity Stream, Session Chat, and social media posts to promote the Demo Hall. We will also use the DEAMcon21 SMS (text) Program, email and push notifications.

Tips & Additional Information

  • Always have one staff member in the booth available for “MeetNow” even during sessions.
  • For optimal use of the Attendify, we recommended using the Google Chrome browser
  • Underwriters have the ability to include supplemental materials that coincide with their products and services
    • Documents can only be included in the following formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX
    • This is highly encouraged if you have resources, guides, etc you reference during your direct messages and MeetNow sessions
  • For attire, lighting, background, and framing, we recommend the following:
    • Attire: Please avoid wearing prints or patterned attire as they can be distracting for the viewer
    • Lighting: Please sit in a well lit room and avoid harsh backlighting (i.e. a window behind you); Natural lighting will allow for better color, and remove the harsh yellow tones
    • Background: Attendify does not currently offer virtual backgrounds or blurring, so choose a comfortable, quiet space with as little visual distraction as possible
    • Framing: Try to make sure your eyes fall with the top third of the screen


What are the system requirements for participation during DEAMcon21?

Video streaming needs powerful processing and a stable internet connection to run smoothly with minimal interruptions. The event has browser compatibility with Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Edge, or Safari (always using the most recent version). We recommend an average internet speed of 1.5 Mbps, but 3 Mbps is optimal for a higher-quality audio/video connection.

Virtual Platform System Requirements:
Windows 10+ | Processor 64 bit or 86 bit
macOS 10.12.6+ | Processor 64 bit

Mobile App System Requirements:
Android 5.0 or later
iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 12 or later

Do I get an attendee list?

Our Members have asked us not to share their names and information without their permission. We can provide a list of titles and companies if that helps your team prepare for the event. Please send the request to

Can I add staff to my booth and/or conference?

Yes, but there is a registration fee of $699. Additional staff members can register at:

Please note: there is a limit of three (3) booth staff per underwriter regardless of how many are registered for the conference.

What is MeetNow and can I use it to connect with other attendees?

MeetNow is a face-to-face interaction tool that connects attendees and underwriters via 1:1 streaming video calls. To use, navigate to an Underwriter profile where you can view who is available for a video call or private messaging. Underwriters can share full screen or specific application windows with attendees.

The MeetNow feature is available for attendees using both the virtual platform and mobile app. Underwriters will need to connect through the virtual platform. It’s easy to set up — just set yourself to “active” and go!

Are there any guidelines for virtual booth staff?

Booth staff can turn on/off their availability and take turns for MeetNow (video chat). However, attendees can DM individuals anytime. We ask that one person be available at all times in the underwriter booth and at least two staff available during Demo Hall hours. Underwriters can attend sessions.

Why can’t I see our profile page?

Are you registered for DEAMcon21? Only registered users have access to the virtual platform. If you need screenshots, please reach out to

Can I make changes to my Underwriter Profile?

Yes, please send changes/additions/attachments to

Is there a limit to the number of files we can include in our virtual booth?

There is no limit to the number of files that can be upload.

Does the conference take place on the computer or on a phone app?

You can view the conference via desktop or mobile app. It will be a better experience on your desktop. Push notifications will go to the phone.

What kind of analytics/reporting will we receive as a sponsor?

We will have analytics regarding how many people viewed and bookmarked your underwriter profile page. Sample below:

DEAMcon21 Underwriter Analytics

How do we get leads from this conference?

We cannot provide a full detailed attendee list to underwriters per our Members’ decision as an Association without their permission. We can provide a list of titles and company names. However, there are several ways to make contact with attendees and gather leads:

  1. You can set up a time to meet within the app using the “MeetNow” feature.
  2. You can direct message (DM) attendees and send them info/set up a time to meet/etc.
  3. You can set up a lead capture form (in SurveyMonkey or something similar) and add it to the “Product” section with a call-to-action button on your underwriter profile page OR use it on the main call-to-action button (30 character limit) instead of your company’s site URL.
  4. You can view attendee profiles and gather info on those you are interested in pursuing. Most attendees are choosing to display their name, title, company, email.
  5. Finally, you can gather info during messaging / MeetNow calls (ask for contact info at beginning in case you get disconnected) during conference hours — attendees will be encouraged to visit all underwriters and there are incentives for them to reach out. You will have a special code to give to attendees who interact with you.

I’m presenting or introducing a speaker at DEAMcon21. Are there instructions for presenters?

Yes, please review the DEAMcon21 presenter guide.

I have questions that are not covered in this document. Is there an FAQ page?

Yes, you can view our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Finding Help Throughout the Event

If you have any questions for the conference administrators or DirectEmployers staff at any point during the conference, we have set up a virtual Help Desk. To visit the Help Desk, click the lightbulb icon on the left-hand navigation menu and then click on the Help Desk to enter. You will notice that this is set up just like the Demo Hall booths. Here you can access Frequently Asked Questions, and can also connect with a DEAM Team member to ask questions of a staff member via text-based chat or video.
DEAMcon21 Help Desk

Underwriter Resources

Questions?​ Contact the DEAM Team at

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