DEAMcon21 Quick Start Guide

Welcome to DEAMcon21 Virtual!

While we’d love to be celebrating our 20th anniversary with you in person, we’re playing it safe and going the virtual route. This year’s conference will take place on the Attendify Virtual Events platform, as well as the DE Events app. Prior to the start of the conference, please take a look at this Quick Start Guide to get better acquainted with how the conference will operate, and how to use the tools and resources at your disposal for the duration of the conference.

Recommended Browser: Chrome

Joining the Event

To attend from your computer, log in here using the credentials you provided when you claimed your conference profile. If this is your first visit, enter the email address that you used to register for the event and claim your account by creating a new password and accepting the Attendify Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

DEAMcon21 Login - Returning User
DEAMcon21 Login - New User

On the Town Hall home screen you will see an Activity Stream where you can chat with fellow attendees, a Community list of attendees (click on a name to see their information!), as well as a navigation menu along the left-hand side of the screen.

DEAMcon21 Town Hall

Navigating the Schedule

Click on the Schedule tab (clock icon in the navigation menu) to view the agenda by day and time. Click on the session taking place at the current date and time and wait for the session to begin.

Hovering over the video display, you will find the option to adjust the audio volume, and make the video full screen for easier viewing. Simply hit the “Escape” button on your keyboard to exit full screen mode.

DEAMcon21 Session

While in a session, you’ll notice a menu on the right with three tabs at the top.

The first tab on the top left (chat bubble icon), displays a chat feed for this session. Feel free to type a question for the presenters to be answered at the end of the session! (Please note that these questions will be visible to all attendees and that there is a delay, so it may take a few seconds for the presenters to see your question.)

The middle tab (avatar icon) shows you a list of the attendees currently in this particular session.

The last tab on the far top right of the menu (bar graph icon) is where poll questions will be supplied, if the presenter has chosen to do a poll during their session. If and when directed by the presenter to answer the poll, navigate to this tab and make your answer selection.


DEAMcon21 Session Chat


DEAMcon21 People


DEAMcon21 Session Poll

The session will automatically end at the designated end time so if a session ends abruptly, don’t worry! Just check the agenda to see if it’s time to move to the next session or into our Virtual Demo Hall to visit underwriters and win prizes.

Exploring the Demo Hall

You will notice that there are sessions on the agenda labeled “Virtual Demo Hall”. During these designated times, attendees are encouraged to visit the Virtual Demo Hall and enter exhibitor booths put together by our conference underwriters. These underwriters represent the DirectEmployers family of brands, valued partners, and service providers who can make your job easier with their products and services.

When it’s time, click on the current Virtual Demo Hall session on the agenda, watch the video on the page (if applicable to that particular session). Scroll down and click the link to download your Virtual Passport and finally, click “View Underwriters” to be taken to the Virtual Demo Hall and get to networking!


DEAMcon21 Demo Hall

Once in the Virtual Demo Hall, you will see a list of underwriter booths on the left. Click on one to enter their virtual booth and take a look at the information and resources provided on the page.

While in a booth, you will see a list of booth representatives on the right with two icons next to their name: a chat bubble and a camera.

Clicking the chat bubble icon will open a chat window that allows you to have a direct text-based conversation with that booth representative.

Clicking the camera icon will allow you to do a video chat with that representative using the MeetNow feature.

DEAMcon21 Underwriter Booth

Hover over each representative to see their current status:

  • Gray = Unavailable
  • Red = Busy (they are likely chatting with someone else at that time)
  • Green = Available — reach out to chat with them!
DEAMcon21 MeetNow

* You can also visit the Demo Hall by clicking the Demo Hall tab (ribbon icon) on the left-hand navigation menu at any time.

DEAMcon21 Prizes

Passport to Prizes

It wouldn’t be DEAMcon without a Swag Store! This year we’re giving you the chance to win prizes and earn fun gear for completing simple tasks throughout the week. To get started, download your Passport to Prizes and follow the instructions to rack up points, and we’ll ship your free stuff to you after the conference!

Participating in the Activity Sessions

All entertainment sessions will take place via Zoom. Simply navigate to the happy hour or yoga class on the agenda and click the link to join via that Attendify platform, or open in Zoom. We recommend using the “Open in Zoom App” option to maximize your entertainment experience (this will take you out of the Attendify platform and open the session in Zoom). If you encounter problems with one of these options, please try the other option. (Please note that during Zoom sessions, the Attendify chat feature will be disabled. You can use the Zoom Q&A or Chat features in its place.)
DEAMcon21 Happy Hour

Finding Help Throughout the Conference

In addition, if you have any questions for the conference administrators or DirectEmployers staff at any point during the conference, we have set up a virtual Help Desk. To visit the Help Desk, click the lightbulb icon on the left-hand navigation menu and then click on the Help Desk to enter. You will notice that this is set up just like the Demo Hall booths. Here you can access Frequently Asked Questions, and can also connect with a DEAM Team member to ask questions of a staff member via text-based chat or video.

DEAMcon21 Help Desk

Feel free to get adventurous and click around on other tabs to discover additional resources and features of the Attendify platform! If something goes wrong and you accidentally leave the platform, you can always sign back in to rejoin the conference.

Questions?​ Contact the DEAM Team at

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