2020 Annual Meeting & Conference (DEAM20)

QuaranDEAM Edition

You may have heard the news that due to the novel coronavirus, we had to cancel DEAMcon20 scheduled for May in Fort Worth, Texas. While we weren’t able to meet in-person, we converted some sessions to virtual learning opportunities in the form of webinars and podcasts and added a virtual networking event.


Check out these great DEAMcon20 sessions that have been converted to webinars—and earn HRCI and SHRM credits for attending!

Incorporating Neurodiversity into the Workplace

Haley Moss

Recording available in DE Connect—no login required

While employers worldwide are placing emphasis on disability hiring, for many there remains a sense of uncertainty as to how individuals with autism can be implemented successfully into their workforce. It’s true that neurodiverse employees may need additional support and understanding in order to succeed, but the benefits of having a diverse workforce speak for themselves and can ultimately influence public perception of your employer brand for the better. Join neurodiversity activist, Haley Moss, for a one-hour webinar as she discusses what exactly ‘neurodiverse’ means, as well as:

  • What benefits you can expect from having a neurodiverse workforce
  • Which accommodations may be necessary in order to recruit and retain neurodiverse individuals in your workforce
  • How the future of diversity in the workplace is taking shape and what that means for neurodiverse individuals looking for employment, as well as the employers looking to hire them

Join us in celebration of World Autism Month as we shine a light on the invaluable effort and skill of the neurodiverse society in the workplace!

Infusing Creative “Curb Appeal”: Overcoming Obstacles to Forge a New Path to the Frontdoor

Justin Clem

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The greatest curb appeal ideas are designed to do one thing: entice prospective buyers to look inside and take a “virtual tour” of the property. What is curb appeal, if not another form of marketing to create that initial spark of interest? The same applies to the career site experience. To make a lasting impression and persuade a candidate to dive in, take a more in-depth look at your company, and apply for jobs, you need that instant curb appeal.

For Frontdoor, they had all the elements in place for success, but lacked the employment branding to attract candidates. Join Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Justin Clem to learn how his organization overcame obstacles to simplify its application process and in-fuse the authentic, energetic culture of Frontdoor into their career site. From a first-person “day in the life” recruitment video to the inviting office environment, Frontdoor was able to capture the essence of their culture and branding and brought new life to their career site–adding instant curb appeal!

Using Federal Resources to Recruit, Retain, & Diversify Your Workforce

Roxann Griffith

Recording available in DE Connect—no login required

In this age of diversity and inclusion, employers are unsure of where to look for talent or how to build a pipeline to sustain the constant demands of their growing business. Once they find that talent, they wonder why it’s so hard to retain them. On average, the highest cost in the people department comes from the high attrition rates they face.

At the US Department of Labor, there are several programs that can help employers better recruit, retain and ultimately diversify their workforce. These programs and services are at no cost and they are available nationwide. In this webinar, Regional Veterans’ Employment Coordinator Roxann Griffith will discuss the programs and services that may be of interest to employers, discuss the unique attributes veterans bring to the table and the demographics that may matter to employers to help them better determine where to focus their efforts and spend their recruiting and training budget.



The DE Talk monthly podcast features honest and open dialogue between powerhouse industry experts on a variety of HR topics ranging from OFCCP compliance advice to emerging recruitment marketing trends, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and insightful solutions that help infuse new life into your HR strategies.

To help drive conversation on relevant topics and give you insights into how COVID-19 has affected the market, we’re releasing a special podcast series, DE Talk QuaranDEAM Edition, covering everything from recruitment and onboarding practices to preparing for reductions in workforce.

QuaranDEAM Edition ​• Episode 1

Preparing for a Reduction in Force

While no one looks forward to a reduction in force (RIF), it is a fact of life for many organizations today in order to meet strategic goals and business needs. Taking time to carefully plan and prepare can make the difference between a successful transition and a disaster. Tune in to this conversation as Dana Deason of ArcBest and I discuss the nuts and bolts to help ensure your organization implements a RIF successfully and in a manner that is compliant and respectful of the individuals involved.

QuaranDEAM Edition ​• Episode 2

Recruit Rooster + RocketBuild: Together, We’ll Achieve New Heights

As many of you know, the work of Recruit Roosters by DirectEmployers would not be possible without stellar technology and development taking place behind the scenes, and in April, they announced the acquisition of RocketBuild. Today, Recruit Rooster COO, Heather Hoffman, is sitting down with Jason Ward of RocketBuild to discuss their work and position as Indy’s premier software and application development house—and most importantly, what this means for DirectEmployers and Recruit Rooster’s future tech and development.

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